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Bride's Notes to bring to Singleton's Kitchen

Attention All Brides:
Please print and complete this form and bring with you to Singleton's Kitchen.

Click Here to Download the Form

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Student Achievement Corner!
(This will contain pictures of cakes from my students.)

Davids Bridal Fashion Cakes

For The Bride

Dear Bride to be..
Thank you for allowing me to participate in the planning of your wedding. You must make many decisions about flowers, photographer, wedding and reception locations, caterers etc., and your very special dress. All of this planning is done to build a special memory for the start of your new life.

A special design can be incorporated into your wedding cake. Your only limits are your imagination. Please feel free to let me know if you have something special you would like. Remember that you can change almost anything up to the three weeks before the wedding, if you are NOT using gum paste flowers. 2 Months before if you plan to use the gum paste flowers. Please, no changes in size or design after the three week deadline.

Ingredient cost is nominal in your cake - but time is a major factor. Some cakes can be baked and decorated in one day and others require weeks of preparation time. The more time involved in your special cake the more costly it will be.

Special Diets, We can help you with any allergy requirements you may have, we have done diabetic, egg less, flourless, and dairy free cakes, we do suggest though that the top tier cake is used for these, or a side cake can be baked and served, please remember these cakes are different in size than a regular cake, and they do not rise as tall.

We at Singleton's Kitchen also offer Gourmet cake flavors, which can contain Liquor, mousses, fruits and nuts we prefer to do these special flavors on our Floating Cake stands, We offer several styles for you to choose from, some are disposable (no need to return) and others must be returned.

To enhance your wedding cake we also offer lights to decorate the bottom of your cake, we can incorporate them in the flowers or greenery, that go around the bottom tier.

Jane Singleton

Dummy Wedding Cake Rental
10 reasons to rent a wedding cake

Something new is going on at Singleton�s Kitchen, with the rising cost of weddings and the demand for new styles, many brides have asked us for a dummy wedding cake. At first we at Singleton�s Kitchen where not that enthusiastic about the idea, as we took much pride in the taste and flavors combination we offered. But after looking into the idea, and doing a few dummy cakes, we decided to take the plunge.


1 It is less expensive for the Bride, she can have the cake of her dreams at a fraction of the cost.

2. It�s economical for us; we can do your dummy wedding cakes ahead of time therefore not disappointing another bride because we do not have time to do her cake.

3. It saves the bride on a delivery fee, as you can opt to pick up your wedding cake and sheet cakes the night before, or send someone the morning of your wedding. Therefore saving you a delivery charge.

4. The Bride can have an out-door wedding without fear of bugs, bees or other critters being attracted to the cake, or the heat melting it. The cake can sit out all during the reception until the cutting part of the ceremony.

5. The bride can save on the halls extra or hidden charges for cutting the wedding cake. It usually takes 2-3 people to cut wrap and or serve the cake. The halls add that price into the package deals or the hall rental fee and the bride is unaware she is paying for it. Some places charge per slice, the price can be as much as she paid for the cake.

6. The bride can order her dummy cake from us over the Internet and have it shipped to her home address. We ship from the U.P.S stores, where they package the cake for us.

7. The bride can have her cake and eat it too.

8. The dummy cake is rented or you can opt to purchase it.

9. Saves time, no need to look for a baker to make a special shape. Dummies can be made in almost any shape, no pans are needed.

10. No cleaning of equipment before returning to the baker therefore no lost parts or pieces.

Please contact Singleton�s kitchen for more information on ordering your dummy wedding cake.

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