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Helpful Hints and Tips

Pros and Cons of reception halls package plans

When deciding on who will do your cake, private decorator or a package plan from the reception hall or Venue, ask how much you are paying for the cake, chances are you are paying more for the cake in a venue or reception hall package plan than you would be from a private decorator.

A private decorator will offer more designs, The cut rate price limits the decorator on the designs and styles she can offer the venue or hall. So you are getting a basic cake but paying the price of a more elaborate decorated cake. You are limited on styles, designs, and flavors.

Why you ask, example: the venue hires a decorator for a flat fee say $2.00 -$2.50 per slice. Well they have to get that money back and make money also, otherwise why would they bother offer the services. So your venue is paying a decorator between $2.00 and $2.50 per slice then they up the price to $4.00 - $4.50 per slice. Chances are you can get the same cake from a private decorator for less than you are paying the hall for the same cake. Going rate for cakes is about $3.00 to $3.50 per slice depending on design set ups etc.

Also keep in mind, If you are looking to save money, a cup cake tree can be less expensive depending on how you have it decorated. Or even a dummy wedding cake can give you the style, and design you want for less than a real cake would cost, Sheet cakes can then be served.

The hall charges you a fee to cut the cake. It take 2-3 people to cut , wrap and or serve the cake. In some cases they will charge per serving which can total up to more or as much as you paid for the cake, depending on the hall, every hall is different. Most halls figure that into the price of the cake or total bill.

Ask questions:
1. How much will you take off the total bill if I bring my own cake?
2. How much will you take off the total bill If I serve cup cakes?
3. How much am I being charged for you to cut and serve the cake?
4. Can I get a sample of the cake? (most halls do not offer this, a private cake decorator will)

And before you sign a contract with them for their package Plan , pick out a cake design you like that the hall is offering, get a price on it, then check with a private decorator. Chances are a private decorator will offer you more for less.

The only advantage of getting your cake through the Venues or reception hall package plan is they are cutting down on your shopping around time. They are offering you one stop shop but you are paying for that service.

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