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Attention All Brides:
Please print and complete this form and bring with you to Singleton's Kitchen.

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Student Achievement Corner!
(This will contain pictures of cakes from my students.)

Davids Bridal Fashion Cakes

Mini Pastries

Cappuccino Squares 2 x 2 x 1 1/2
A smooth lightly seasoned cinnamon cream cheese sandwiched between a rich fudge cappuccino brownie loaded with walnuts topped of with yummy chocolate cappuccino glaze and sprinkled with
crushed walnuts If you like cappuccino you will love these.

Raspberry Tarts approximately 2 inch
A shortbread tart shell filled with fresh raspberry and a smooth white chocolate filling, Chambord raspberry mousse top this off
Mousse can be made without the Chambord liquor

Coronet approximate 2 inch
A light sweet puff pastry crusted in casson sugar
dipped in chocolate and crushed walnuts and filled with a vanilla pastry cream, or Chambord raspberry mousse

Rum Fruit Balls approximate. 1 inch
A small rounded vanilla cake balls soaked in rum, filled with fruits, coconut, and nuts, then dusted with powdered sugar

Pecan Tarts approximate 1 in
A flaky butter shell filled with cream cheese, pecans, brown sugar and baked till golden brown, topped of with white chocolate and a cherry
These cannot be made without the pecans

Pineapple Surprise approximate. 1 1/2 in
Whipped cream ,cream cheese and pineapple in a light airy shell topped of with a light sugary tart cap, these are light and airy and
O so good

Strawberries & White Chocolate Mousse
A fresh plump strawberries filled with a light white chocolate mousse laced with dark rum and dipped in chocolate and toasted coconut
(only available if I can get nice good size strawberries)

Berry Tart,approximate 2 inch
shortbread tart filled with a banana rum custard topped off with strawberries, and blueberries and a dollop of fresh whipped cream can be made without the rum, .

Mini Lemon Pies approximately 2 inch
shortbread shell, filled with lemon Meringue filling and topped of with a light toasted meringue.

Pastry Squares
A light flaky puff pasty filled with your choice of fillings apples and walnuts, cherries, pineapple, lemon, raspberries or strawberries, ( Sorry only 2 flavors per dozen)

Cherry balls
a light, cake ball filled with chopped cherries, cherry liquor, dipped in chocolate or white chocolate Ganache. can be made without the liquor, there just as good.

German chocolate mini cakes
A German Chocolate cake ball filled with German Chocolate filling, containing, nuts, and
coconuts. dipped in dark chocolate Ganache,

Little Apple Pies
A flaky buttermilk crust filled with your choice of filling, apple, blueberry's or cherry topped off with real whipped cream

Bon Bon's
a candy like desert, made with chocolate, coconuts,and walnuts It will fill that sweet tooth

Old fashioned Buckeye Balls
Who can't resist chocolate and peanut butter
oh my

Raspberry Ameretto Tarts
A mini shortbread shell filled with raspberries, ameretto liquor and cream cheese, a winning combination.

Danish Cherry Balls
A candy like cookie, with cherries.
not sweet, but good to have with coffee

Blueberry and Banana cream pie
a shortbread shell filled with banannas
and blueberries,

Mini Key Lime Pies
Shortbread shell filled with our own key lime filling and topped of with your choice of either toasted Meringue or real whipped cream

Pistachio Squares
Fudge , graham crackers and pistachios
a pretty presentation

When ordering pastries please figure between 2 and 3 pieces of pastry per person
Small platter: serves 12 you will need 30 pieces of pastry
Med platter: serves 25 you will need 62 pieces of pastry
Large platter: serves 50 you will need 106 pieces of pastry

Our pastries are packed in a box, if you would like a see through tray topped off with a bow, they are extra
please inquire.

All our pastries are made fresh, not frozen, so please give us ample time, we just do not decorate them, we make them.

Most of our pastries can be made without nuts and liquor, please inquire which ones

Watch for more choices to come, check back often where always cooking up new ideas

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