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These rich multi-layered cakes are prepared in a variety of different ways. Each is delicious and unforgettable.

6 inch serves 8

8 inch serves 12

10 inch serves 20

Flavors include:

Strawberry Kiwi:

Three layers of vanilla cake are sandwiched between fresh strawberries, kiwi and whipped cream. Glistening strawberries and kiwi adorn the top.

Spicy Apple:
Alternate layers of a delicious spice cake, apples, cinnamon, walnuts and pure whipped cream surround and decorate this flavorful treat.

Lemon Mousse:
Tangy gold cake filled and frosted with a light airy lemon mousse, covered with whipped cream candy lemon slices accompany each slice.

Chocolate Lover Delight:
Rich dark chocolate cake with fudge chocolate ganache are filled and frosted with whipped cream. Forget the calories on this luscious cake.

Lady Baltimore:
A southern delicacy of fluffy white cake filled with a special frosting laced with walnuts, raison, and figs topped off with whipped cream and walnuts.

Lord Baltimore:
A new twist to an old favorite. Layers of golden yellow cake are filled with the same special filling as a Lady Baltimore only coconut, pecans, almonds and cherries fill this. The top and sides are covered in a light pink whipped cream, coconut and cherries decorate the top.

Cookies and Cream:
Is it cookies or a cake? Oreo cookie crust , crunchy Oreo chocolate cake with a creamy white filling and Oreo chocolate frosting. A jacket of crushed Oreos and whipped cream top this off.


Even more tortes... These with a twist to liven up the taste. Just as delicious without twist, if you prefer.

Black Raspberry Cream: A most unusual touch of marble cake filled with black raspberry mousse, Chambord liquor and whipped cream. A white chocolate ganache covers the top.

Chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate:

This European delight is a rich dark chocolate cake brushed with cognac then filled with apricot jam, ganache and whipped cream. The cake is then wrapped in a chocolate ribbon and garnished with chocolate shavings and confectionary sugar.

Blueberry Black Forrest:
A three layer vanilla cake brushed with kirsch and filled with blueberries and whipped cream. Cake is decorated with rosettes and blueberries, chocolate shavings surround the top and sides.

The Neapolitan Sampler:
Three layers, one strawberry, one chocolate, and one vanilla. Filled with rich chocolate and vanilla pastry cream brushed with light rum and frosted with a delicate flavored strawberry whipped cream, and glazed strawberries.

After Dinner Mint:
Three layers of white cake soaked in cr�me de minte liquor sandwiched between layers of chocolate ganache and whipped cream. Cake is frosted with a pale green cr�me de minte flavored whipped cream and decorated with miniature chocolate cups.

Spiced Apples & Cream:
Three layers of heavenly spiced cake, spiced rum, apples and a hint of walnuts with whipped cream make this delightful.

Lady Finger Cake:
Three layers of golden yellow cake brushed with Grandmamier, filled with strawberries, and Bavarian cr�me. Whipped cream and lady finders surround this cake. We tie it all up with a seasonal bow.

Italian Cream:
A rum soaked white almond cake filled with vanilla pastry cream and whipped cream. Sliced almonds decorate the top and sides.


Traditional cakes are available in many flavors, sizes and decoration themes. Cake flavors available are: vanilla, chocolate, almond, lemon, marble, spice, strawberry, orange, and carrot. Traditional cakes are 2 layers and come with 1 drawing.


Economy cakes are 1 layer with no sides (prepared to serve in a disposable aluminum pan) and do not include a drawing. Drawings are $5.00 and up.


Standard sheet cakes come split with frosting between layers and include one drawing.

  • Cake fillings available are pastry cr�me, guava, real whipped cream, raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, cherry, cappuccino, chocolate fudge, and lemon.

  • We also offer mouse fillings in a variety of flavors.

  • Non-dairy substitutes are available.

  • For more information please request a brochure.

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